The CBST Board of Directors is responsible for all aspects of synagogue and community life. ‎Board Members are elected by CBST Members for a three-year term. Executive ‎Officers are elected by the Board each year.

CBST Board of Directors 2020-21/5781-82​

Executive Committee
Sabrina Farber, President
Harold Levine, Vice President

Michael Ezon, Treasurer
Kenneth Karpel, Secretary

Executive Officers
Erica Forman
Lee Jason Goldberg
Regina Linder

Adam Berger
Sherri Felt Dratfield
Lisa Green
Joshua Lehrer
Rosanne Leipzig
Jayson Littman
Laurie Magid
Noemi Masliah
Johanna Sanders
Risa Tanania
Jillian T. Weiss


The Board meets monthly from 6-8pm.  Members in good standing who wish to attend should contact Executive Director, Yolanda Potasinski at least one week in advance.
Click here for a full schedule of Board and Executive Committee meetings