Democracy Activism Resources

A Highly Selective List of Resources for Activism (edited 7/21)

Run by former congressional staffers with ideas and tips for organizing, mobilizing, contacting government officials and finding similar groups.  They have a weekly calendar of actions as well as scripts for phone calls and ways to get involved. They have launched satellite indivisible groups around the country to mobilize people everywhere.

Americans of Conscience Checklist
The Checklist delivers clear, well-researched, non-partisan actions to your inbox each week.

Chop Wood, Carry Water
A daily actions newsletter that comes out five days a week. Subscribe to get a short, encouraging email in your inbox each weekday. It’ll tell you how you can make a difference in your democracy (and support progressive policies!) by taking 5-7 minutes’ worth of EASY actions.

Swing Left
Similar to Indivisible, but with a narrower mandate, Swing Left seeks to make good on its name. Targeting swing states in each election cycle, the group offers explainers, breakdowns and an easy way to pitch in even if your state isn’t on the list. They have a fantastic partnership with Vote Forward.

Vote Forward
Vote Forward aggregates lists of voters from around the country in swing districts who need encouragement and information to vote. You can sign up and send personalized letters to folks in key areas explaining why voting is so important to YOU and why their vote in particular really matters.

Postcards to Voters
A rotating selection of campaigns to boost democratic turnout for special elections, voting by mail and many down ballot races as well. These smaller races are key to winning back control at the federal level, so we start state by state. Sign up and you can request addresses to connect with important voters.

5 Calls
A website (and an app) that allows you to choose your topic and then gives you a detailed script and shows you which Senators and Congress people to call/contact based on your address.

This is a text messaging platform that enables you to send letters and faxes about the issues you care about to your elected officials. Text the word “resist” to “504-09” it will prompt you to add your zip code and address to identify your elected officials. Then, you can easily cut and paste copy from your favorite source or write your own text. The service formats and sends it and even allows you to preview it before it goes out. Engage anytime, anywhere.

You can also sign up for texting directly through certain organizations, like MoveOn, MovementLabs, Common Cause and many others. Many of the texting groups use Slack as an organizing tool to explain projects, gather support and ask/answer questions.

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