Music at CBST

“Achat Sha’alti” (Psalm 27), by Israel Katz Performed by the CBST Community Chorus

אָשִׁ֣ירָה לַיהֹוָ֣ה בְּחַיָּ֑י אֲזַמְּרָ֖ה לֵאלֹהַ֣י בְּעוֹדִֽי

I will sing to the Eternal as long as I live; I will offer sweet songs to God as long as I am alive.
Psalm 104:33

Music has been an integral part of Jewish communal life for millenia, an ever-evolving vehicle for the expression of spirituality and prayer. Throughout every generation, composers have sought to find beauty and new meaning in our sacred texts. CBST is well-known throughout the world for its ground-breaking musical programming. Music at CBST is not limited by genre, composer, era, or origin. CBST celebrates a diversity of Jewish music, and prides itself on its eclectic and joyful services which incorporate music from many traditions and time periods. 

We are thrilled to announce the Rita and Alex Fischer z”l Memorial Tribute to support Social Justice and Music at CBST. Rita and Alex were dedicated CBST members who loved and generously helped build the CBST community.

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