CBST 2024 Congregational Retreat

Save the date!

This year’s retreat is confirmed for Friday, May 3 – Sunday, May 5, 2024 at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, 116 Johnson Rd, Falls Village, CT 06031. Stay tuned for more info. You must be a member to attend the retreat. Learn more about membership »

Last Year’s Retreat

Thank you to everyone who attended last year’s retreat! CBST’s annual retreat brought together 100 community members for three days of intergenerational prayer, discussion, singing, shmoozing, and joy. Read more and see photos »

For CBST’s 50th year our retreat theme was multigenerational community! We highlighted the beauty of our community that spans many generations. Groups and individuals of all ages and generations (Silent Generation, Gen X, Gen Z, Boomers, Millennials—everyone!) attended to make this retreat a true high point of the year.