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CBST’s services are always open to all: members, guests, and non-members, always without charge, always egalitarian. Even with valid reasons for coming, many people walk through the doors at CBST and wonder: “Do I know enough?” “Am I Jewish enough?” “Am I queer enough?” “Do I know anyone?” “Will anyone like me?” “Will I be able to follow the service?” Please believe: You are welcome here. Whatever your background, your sexual orientation, your gender identity, your level of Jewish learning, you are welcome here.

This Week’s Services

Livestream Kabbalat Shabbat/Friday Night Services on the CBST website

Shabbat Morning Services

American Sign Language interpreting available upon request (please give at least 1-2 weeks notice) and is part of our Family & Friends and Pride Shabbat services every year.

Shabbat Morning Service Types and Schedule

Avodat HaLev/Service of the Heart (First Shabbat of the month): Come sing, pray and learn! Our first shabbat of the month will be a song-filled morning service that leads into an extended Torah study, where we can study the parsha together. I encourage you to bring your voices, musical instruments if you would like, an open mind ready for discussion, and a friend! – Rabbi Yael Werber

Liberal Shabbat (2nd and 4th Shabbatot of the month)At our Liberal Shabbat morning services, we draw on our traditions in a modern context. The style of the service reflects the evolution of Sabbath worship in this country, praying old and new liturgy in both Hebrew and English. We read the triennial, partial section of the k’riyah (reading of the Torah portion), always with a discussion to followHealing prayers are offered at every Torah service, along with an opportunity to say Mourner’s Kaddish. 

TEM (Traditional Egalitarian Minyan) (3rd Shabbat of the month)The Traditional Egalitarian Minyan reflects a mode of praying the complete Sabbath morning liturgy (including Musaf) along with the full k’riyah (reading of the Torah portion). There is both an increased use of Hebrew at this service and a commitment to gender equality in every aspect of the service. You are welcome to attend, regardless of your knowledge of Hebrew or prior synagogue experience. All services include a D’var Torah (short sermon). 

Special Shabbatot: CBST offers Yoga Meditation, Liberal Reconstructionist, and Traditional Egalitarian services on a rotating schedule. On months when there are five Shabbatot, CBST offers a special clergy-led Torah Study or Learner’s Minyan for those seeking to enrich their Shabbat morning experience. When Shabbat falls on a Yom Tov, services include special ritual additions and holiday readings.

High Holy Days

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