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CBST’s Siddur (Shabbat Prayerbook), B’chol L’vav’cha, With All Your Heart
$62 per siddur (includes domestic shipping)
$86 per siddur includes a $36 contribution to help provide one for someone in need (add $12 for domestic shipping)

CBST’s 40th Anniversary Book: Changing Lives, Making History Gain an in-depth understanding of our remarkable congregational journey. Written by Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen, with Foreword by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, this is a 320-page lavishly illustrated, award-winning full color, hard cover volume, published in 2014. Proceeds support CBST’s Historic Archives. $48 (includes domestic shipping)

Seasonal Resistance
by Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, CBST Scholar in Residence for Trans & Queer Jewish Studies. Rabbi Mike Moskowitz’s most recent book explores the rich texture of time in Jewish tradition as a way of informing social justice today. $22 (includes domestic shipping)

Textual Activism   
by Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, CBST Scholar in Residence for Trans & Queer Jewish Studies. A compilation of scholarly essays and articles that connect us to each other and to God. $22 (includes domestic shipping)

Listening for the Oboe
A collection of drashot written by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, from her first 10 years as spiritual leader of CBST. $22 (includes domestic shipping)

Chaver Up 
by Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, edited by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum. Allyship is a deeply Jewish value. In this book, 49 diverse Jewish spiritual leaders grapple with the complexity, messiness, and human fallibility of allyship, as well its beauty, holiness, and power to restore good. Wise, searing, and emotional, this book invites you to create new paths of human kindness and action. It challenges us to Chaver Up! and see allyship as a powerful way to repair our humanity and activate our empathy. $14.95 (includes domestic shipping)

Compact Music Discs featuring the CBST Community Chorus:

CBST “Psalms” NYC Gala 30th Anniversary Concert CD, 2003 
$9.50 (includes domestic shipping)

“Return Again”
$9.50 each (includes domestic shipping)

Rainbow Kippah
Created in Jerusalem, supporting the Jerusalem Open House 
$28 (includes domestic shipping)

CBST Kippah


Adult  $20 each  /  Children $15 each
NEW: NYC Pride 2019 Stonewall50 Umbrella Hats  2 for $10

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