Social Justice

Every day that CBST opens its doors, it acts for social change. When CBST held its first service in February 1973 no Jewish organization, synagogue, or institution supported equality for gay people.  CBST serves as a symbol for marginalized people everywhere seeking to transform traditional religious communities. The synagogue is actively engaged in advocacy, reaching out to people of all faiths and nationalities to promote equality and human rights. CBST provides a much-needed progressive and Jewish voice to counter the religious right. The synagogue is committed to advancing human rights locally, nationally, and around the world, including in the state of Israel. As an incubator of progressive religious thought, ‎CBST’s public voice is crucial at a time when the dominant role of organized religion in the US is often to ‎limit, impede and even stifle informed dialogue on sexuality and its interplay with religion. The synagogue’s ‎boundaries and impact extend well beyond the tri-state area, where it draws the majority of more than ‎‎1,000 of its members.‎

As a community CBST stands committed to furthering social justice and equality for all people. We work within the congregation, take public action and lend our names and voices to a variety of social and humanitarian causes.

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CBST is wonderfully blessed with amazing rodfei tzedek -- committed seekers of justice. We are honored by them, and we shep a lot of naches (we are very proud).

Team Leaders Email Addresses
CBST, The Middle East, and Me Judith Hollander and Shep Wahnon MiddleEast@cbst.org
Concerts for Social Justice Adria Benjamin and Joyce Rosenzweig Programs@cbst.org
Gays Against Guns Shep Wahnon See here.
Green Team (Environmental Concerns) Liz Galst GreenTeam@cbst.org
Homeless LGBT Youth Kristen Plylar-Moore Programs@cbst.org
House of Peace Harold Levine and Ira Rosenblum HouseofPeace@cbst.org
Chazak: The Red Ribbon Team at CBST (HIV/AIDS Awareness) Mark Fischer and Linda Rosenbluth RedRibbon@cbst.org
Resistance: Calls and Cards Sabrina Farber and Gerry Goldhaber SocialJustice@cbst.org
RUSA LGBT Lyosha Gorshkov info@rusalgbt.com
Accessibility at CBST Rabbi James accessibility@cbst.org
Sanctuary Team Sabrina Farber and Sherry Fyman sanctuary@cbst.org













Our energies go towards supporting:
      ​Homeless LGBTQ Youth in New York City
      HIV/AIDS Education & Awareness
      Countering the Effects of Climate Change
      A Path Toward Peace in the Middle East
      Needs of Seniors in Our Community
      Women's Cancer Education & Response
      Empowering the Trans Community
      Global LGBTQ Concerns

For more information, contact:
Rabbi Marisa Elana James
Director of Social Justice Programming