CBST Cancer Cares

CBST Cancer Cares focuses on the impact of women’s cancers on our whole community. Particulary focused on breast, ovarian and uterine cancers, our primary goals are to see that health care services be provided and funded for women and trans men and that all members of our community seek out the health care they need and deserve – including routine cancer screenings. 

As an initial local resource we strongly recommend contacting the Health and Wellness Department at The Center, 208 W. 13th Street at 646-556-9300

From The Center website:


Lesbians, bisexual women and transgender (LBT) people have a greater concentration of risk factors for breast cancer and other cancers than the general population. The Center offers a range of cancer prevention, education and support services for members of our LBT communities. We understand that LBT people face unique challenges after receiving a cancer diagnosis, and The Center is here to help you navigate those challenges. 

We offer:

  • Short-Term Counseling
  • Health & Social Services Referrals
  • Free Screening & Mammograms
  • Education & Prevention Outreach
  • Cultural Competency Training


The Center’s Lesbian Cancer Initiative offers services to LBT community members, caregivers, partners and loved ones. A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event and with it brings many challenges, including education about the disease, financial barriers to treatment, and emotional distress. The Center’s groups and services are designed to provide you with the resources, referrals and support that you need.

To cope with a cancer diagnosis, you will need the support of family, friends, significant others and community. The Center provides a home for cancer support groups to connect you to others with similar concerns. Groups share information about navigating the medical system, making treatment decisions and coping with the challenges of living with and fighting cancer.

To learn more, or to see when a cancer support group is meeting, please visit The Center’s Community Calendar


The Center’s Breast & Chest Care Project (BCCP) offers help to those in our LBT community who are interested in learning about prevention or who are coping with cancer. From learning about ways to reduce your cancer risk, to dealing with a cancer diagnosis, The Center can help you face these challenges. Through the BCCP, we provide a patient navigator to assist you with the day-to-day challenges of engaging with medical systems. We can also help with handling the overwhelming emotions related to pursuing breast or chest care.

Additional Resources

A very thorough range of resources can also be found online through the National LGBT Cancer Network.

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