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All Are Welcome

CBST’s services are always open to all: members, guests, and non-members, always without charge, always egalitarian. Even with valid reasons for coming, many people walk through the doors at CBST and wonder: "Do I know enough?" "Am I Jewish enough?" "Am I queer enough?" "Do I know anyone?" "Will anyone like me?" "Will I be able to follow the service?" Please believe: You are welcome here. Whatever your background, your sexual orientation, your gender identity, your level of Jewish learning, you are welcome here.

This Week's Services

Livestream Kabbalat Shabbat/Friday Night Services on the CBST website

Shabbat Morning Services

American Sign Language interpreting available upon request (please give at least 1-2 weeks notice) and is part of our Family & Friends and Pride Shabbat services every year.

High Holy Days

Holidays & Festivals