For Families with Children

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CBST offers opportunities for families with children to discover Jewish celebration, education and connection.

Our programs reflect our LGBTQ+ community, offering our next generation the opportunity to understand the rich tapestry of the Jewish world ‎and find their home in it.

Pride Video Quilt coloring pages and interviews by Limmud b'Shabbat 4-7th Grade Kids with CBST Members

Early Childhood Programs

Our range of programs especially designed for our youngest Jews and their families. Dance, sing, and explore while building a connection to Judaism and each other.

Alef-Bet Shabbat - interactive services for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers
Aggadah Adventures - unique and original theater experiences, lullabies, online activities

"At The Stonewall Inn" sung by Limmud b'Shabbat K-3rd Grade Kids with Stephen Figurasmith, songwriter

Limmud b'Shabbat Programs (K-12)

CBST is committed to providing a dynamic, inclusive and multifaceted Jewish education program for our families with children. Through learning and doing, our program builds and strengthens a contemporary, learned, relevant, ethical and deeply rooted sense of both Jewish and LGBTQ values and identity. This year, in-person sessions will connect families with children to each other, their classmates, and their Jewish identity.

Limmud b'Shabbat: Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
B* Mitzvah Program: Grades 6, 7 

Teen Track: Tikkun Olam, Hands-On! - Grades 8-12

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Current students will recieve an individualized registration form via email mid-August.
New students may REGISTER HERE for fall 2022!

Celebrate together on Holidays and Festivals
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