Welcome Ariel and Ze’evi Tovlev!

CBST is pleased to welcome back Ariel Tovlev (pronouns: he/him/they/them) and Ze’evi Tovlev (pronouns: they/them or ze/zem/zer), who were recently married, back to our community for various projects. Ariel will continue working with our Emet: Trans & Non-Binary Team and teaching in our Lehrhaus Adult Education Program. Ze’evi will serve as Guest Cantorial Student at a few select services. Help us welcome them back to CBST!

Ariel Tovlev (he/they) is a queer/trans rabbinical and education student at the Reform seminary, Hebrew Union College. Ariel has received a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University. He’s passionate about poetry, feminism, and cats. When he’s not working, studying, or thinking of ways to make Judaism more trans-inclusive, he enjoys watching Netflix and baking with Ze’evi and their two cats.



Ze’evi Tovlev (they/them or ze/zem/zer) is a fifth-year student at HUC-JIR working toward a masters in Jewish education and cantorial ordination. With roots in song leading and music education, Ze’evi believes in the power of communal music and prayer to create social change. As one of the first trans cantorial students at HUC-JIR, ze works toward expanding the vision of our collective future to encompass those who have been routinely marginalized in Jewish life