MPV (formerly Monkeypox)

What’s in a name? Scientists and advocates (including CBST member Brad Hoylman, NYS Senate and Lynn Schulman, NYC Council) agree “monkeypox” (named in 1958) is stigmatizing, as well as inaccurate. The virus is able to infect humans as well as a variety of animals. “MPV” is preferred. The NYC Health webpage dedicated to this outbreak (this dedicated NYC Health webpage) and the CDC ( provide background information and current guidance.

The good news. MPV cases in the US, and especially in our area are greatly diminished due to community education, modified behaviors, and the vaccination campaign. In spite of a slow roll-out, vaccine developed for smallpox, a related virus, effectively prevents infection (….).  In our community we recall the role of gay men, e.g., former CBST President, Dr. Mark Bieber z”l, as advocates and community leaders in infectious disease control. The development of the Hepatitis B vaccine in the 1970’s, and addressing HIV/AIDS from the earliest days of the epidemic are examples.

For current access to MPV vaccines, visit NYC’s appointment scheduling page:


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