Shabbat on Broadway

We loved seeing our very own Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum take (virtual) part in the first-ever Shabbat On Broadway service on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024, which included Broadway stars like CBST member Seth Rudetsky, as well as Julie Benko, Adam Pascal, Tovah Feldshuh, Shoshana Bean, and many more.

“The theater is a holy place,” Rabbi Kleinbaum said in pre-recorded remarks, and we couldn’t agree more!

Rabbi Kleinbaum via recorded remarks during Shabbat on Broadway: “Theater done right is a deeply religious experience.

“When we sing this song of the sea, it’s a moment of great trepidation. The Israelites have left Egypt. They’re being pursued by the Egyptians. It’s a terrifying moment. But they get through that one step towards freedom. And they stop. And Miriam and the women were told to take musical instruments timbrels, and all different kinds of instruments, and voice, and sing when they get through the sea, in order to say, we might not have accomplished all of our journey towards freedom. But we must stop now and create great art and music and celebrate what comes from taking a first step.

“None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something. And I pray that we’re able to celebrate the small steps with song, with dance, with theater, and with prayer.”

Mazal tov to the first Shabbat on Broadway. We hope there may be more in the future!

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Photo by Julia Gergely for JTA