Shabbat Eikev

“Be gentle with yourselves if you are suffering. That’s the first thing that our tradition tells us. Pain is a part of being a human being.

“Secondly, every human cannot live on bread alone. Turns out we need music. We need art. We need beauty. We need joy. We need friendships. We need connection.”

In the 7 weeks preceding Rosh Hashanah, we contemplate the many challenges we face personally and collectively. As we acknowledge this pain, Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum guides us toward healing through community.

“The community needs to be ever deepening people’s sense of connection one to the other. And it starts with being willing to share our own stories. We need to be able to listen to others.”

Rabbi Kleinbaum assures us that, even in our brokenness, we are whole. “Each of us is a holy reflection of the best of humanity.”

Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum delivered this drashah at Kabbalat Shabbat services on Friday, August 4, 2023 / 18 Av 5783.

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