Sec. Hillary Clinton, Pres. Joe Biden, and Sen. Chuck Schumer Honor Rabbi Kleinbaum

“Rabbi Kleinbaum has created a legacy that is worthy of celebration. … Her role in shaping this congregation, and this city, and communities of faith, is indelible. … Thank you for showing all of us what it looks like to reclaim the language of faith for justice and truth.” —Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was one of many luminaries at the sold-out celebration of Rabbi Kleinbaum’s 32 years of leadership at CBST at Jazz at Lincoln Center on June 3, 2024.

President Joe Biden sent warm words by video address from the White House.

“You’ve been a beacon of hope to so many people, known and unknown,” said President Joe Biden, “and a source of strength and vision for your congregation — for the LGBTQ community, for the Jewish people all around the world.”

“I also want to thank you, Sharon,” President Biden continued, “for your tremendous leadership on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and your incredible interfaith work. Jewish liturgy says those who serve the needs of the community faithfully, may God grant them their reward. Together, you and Randi embody those words during a lifetime of faithful service to your communities and to your nation. Jill and I treasure our friendship [with] both of you, and God bless you both.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also sent kind words in a video remarks.

“I have turned to Rabbi Kleinbaum for her guidance,” Senator Schumer said. “We have stood together to combat antisemitism and work towards a more hopeful, more secure future for Israel, America, and the Middle East. … We will miss Rabbi Kleinbaum’s leadership, wisdom and guidance. But we know her work is far from over. We love you, Rabbi.”

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