November 14 Rally in Washington, D.C.

CBST President Sabrina Farber and CBST member Lynn Paltrow
On November 14, 2023, a group of CBST members traveled together to Washington, D.C., to join the rally in support of Israel, calling to bring the hostages home and condemning antisemitism. 
We’re grateful that a Peace Bloc was present, organized by T’ruah, Peace Now, J Street, the National Council of Jewish Women, and others, highlighting a commitment to pursuing a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians.

CBST member Robert Eppenstein: “The rally to me was one of the most powerful and moving experiences I have had in quite some time. Being able to share it with a cross-section of the Jewish community was nothing short of phenomenal.”

CBST member Judy Hollander: “Imagine being in a space where 300,000 people supported the existence of the State of Israel. I came to support those who call for a two-state solution that allows for the creation of both Jewish and Palestinians states on the land. I don’t see any other way towards a moral peace. Although those organizations were there, I could not find them. Perhaps that was good. For the first time since 1949 (I am that old), I was in a space that we all cheered and sang for Israel and its existence. At the rally, we stood and sat together and sang and filled up the Metro cars. The next day, we got back to work for peace and freedom for all the inhabitants.”

CBST member Sharon Golub: “By going to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, I felt that I was taking part in a historic moment for the Jewish people to come together as a family, a mishpachah, in an effort to bring home the hostages and to fight back against the rising tide of global antisemitism. My ultimate hope is for the fighting to stop and that there be peace for everyone and for all people to be safe.”
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