CBST's 50th Anniversary Pride Shabbat

We’re still basking in the joy, spiritual fullness, and pride we felt at our 50th Anniversary Pride Shabbat services on Friday, June 23. 

What an amazing gift to be in community together and graced with the presence and wise words of New York Attorney General Letitia James, and our special guest, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who was in conversation with Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum during services.

Jean-Pierre is the first Black, first openly queer, and first immigrant person to hold the position of White House press secretary. During her conversation with Rabbi Kleinbaum, Jean-Pierre discussed her coming out journey, the Dobbs decision, the importance of the fight for trans rights, “The L Word,” and her message for future generations.

NY Attorney General Letitia James at CBST Pride Shabbat: “Love is a feeling that demands to be unrestrained. How could anyone ever think otherwise?”

Attorney General James praised CBST’s 50-year history as a home for love and compassion. And she urged us to continue overcoming in the face of challenges for LGBTQ people.

“The moment that allyship turns into apathy,” she said, “is the moment that we let hate win.”

We were so grateful for Attorney General James’s presence and wisdom at our 50th Anniversary Pride Shabbat services. What an honor to have her support and allyship.

The photos you see here are a mere taste of all the photos we have from that wonderful night. Click here to see more photos from our 50th Anniversary Pride Shabbat.

Thank you to our wonderful photographers, Gili Getz, Harold Levine, and Laurie Rhodes, for all these fantastic photos.