Music at CBST: “Shir Eretz”

“Shir Eretz” is an honest and gripping portrayal of the complex relationship between the Land of Israel and its inhabitants. Natan Yonathan’s evocative text refers to a land “sweetened by clods of soil,” whose “seashores are salty, like the tears of those who through their love gave all they had to give.”

Nature is used as an analogy for the frustration and pain that mix with beauty and joy. This deeply emotional and expressive song illustrates the multiple truths of Israel’s existence, its triumphs and challenges. 

We sing the words of “Oseh Shalom” as set by the progressive Israeli prayer leader, Yoel Sykes, imploring God to bring peace to us, to all Israel, and the whole world.

From Kabbalat Shabbat services on May 6, 2022 / 6 Iyyar 5782

Setting #1: “Shir Eretz” (A Song to the Land), music by: Alexander “Sasha” Argov, arranged by Menachem Wiesenberg, text: Natan Yonathan

Setting #2: “Oseh Shalom”, music: Yoel Sykes, arranged by Joyce Rosenzweig

Voices: Cantorial Intern Cantor Sam Rosen and the CBST Chorus

Piano: CBST Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig

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