Reflecting on CBST's response to COVID-19 and other crises

We love this article about the CBST community, “Lessons Learned in Haste: A Faith Community Confronts COVID-19” by Regina Linder and Rabbi Marisa James, via APRIL (Association for Public Religion and Intellectual Life).

Looking back at the past 3+ years since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Regina and Rabbi James write about the practical and spiritual ways CBST approached that time, connecting it to the community’s history during the height of the AIDS crisis. Weaving in writings from CBST members in Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum‘s Psalms class and teachings connecting our experiences to Noah and the Ark and the Exodus from Egypt, this piece is a snapshot of how CBST navigated the bumpy waters of the past few years. 

“The traditional Jewish concept of gam zue l’tova refers to the kernel of good that can be found in even darkest times. From our daily classes to our weekly social gatherings; from our uninterrupted prayer services, with their blessings for healing and space for mourning; to our immigration clinic bringing volunteers together with those carrying even more trauma, we know that deep connection to others is crucial.

“We learned that making or receiving a phone call can be a lifeline, that even with its flaws, Zoom gatherings can be profound spaces for sharing sadness, joy and loving support.”

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