50th Anniversary Oneg #6

On Friday, June 9, Rabbi Kleinbaum was in conversation with Jack Greenberg and Marsha Melnick, discussing our siddur. As Rabbi Kleinbaum put it, “Certainly one of the great accomplishments of CBST has been the deeply rich prayer life that we as a community have had.”

Our community’s journey through prayer continues, evolving from a compilation of photocopied texts in a folder to a beautifully bound prayer book. This transformation, echoing our growth from a small gathering to a larger congregation, holds the testament of our love, struggles, tradition, and innovation. 

Our prayer book is an embodiment of our values, which now features gender-neutral language, community-written prayers, and a visually appealing layout, resonating with our LGBTQ+ Jewish identity.

Be with us for our next 50th Anniversary Oneg, “Days of Celebration and Awe,” on Friday, June 28, following 6:30 p.m. ET Kabbalat Shabbat services, both in-person and online.