CBST Board Installation Shabbat (2023/5783)

In her remarks at this year’s CBST Board Installation Shabbat, Assistant Rabbi Yael Werber welcomed those newly tapped to serve and praised the Board’s ability to “give flowing water and live-giving sustenance to the community.” Rabbi Werber offered the congregation’s blessing to the Board as they lead us through the 2023-2024 year, which will be full of celebration and change.

CBST Board President Sabrina Farber offered praise to outgoing CBST Treasurer Michael Ezon, at-large Board member Joshua Lehrer, and at-large and Executive Committee member Regina Linder. Each has made countless and invaluable contributions in their six years of Board service. She also addressed the congregation in an exhortation of support. “All [new Board members] need from you,” she said, “is a vote of confidence and a dollop of courage—which I think they have.”