"Seder Ha-Avodah" (Yom Kippur 5784)

The most dramatic (and possibly least understood) part of Yom Kippur Musaf is the Avodah service, a vivid description of the Kohen Gadol’s (High Priest’s) emotional journey as he prepares to perform his most solemn duty of the year, asking God for atonement for himself and the Jewish people.

This year, Cantor Sam Rosen, Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig, Rabbi Ayelet Cohen, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, and percussionist Barbara Freedman brought these words to life in a brand new way using the popular Israeli singer Yishai Ribo’s compelling song based on the traditional text, with Rabbi Ayelet Cohen’s evocative English translation to guide us through this dramatic piece of liturgical theater.

“Seder Ha-Avodah”
Melody by Ishai Ribo (b. 1989)
Arranged by Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig