High Holy Day CBST Group Aliyot Assignments

Are you part of a CBST group or team, like Democracy! or Aging Together? Please review this document to verify the service in which your group is recognized.

At CBST, we honor our groups and teams with group aliyot during the High Holy Days. Groups are called to stand, in body or spirit, at their seats during the service and chant the blessing recited before chanting the Torah.

For those who will join us on Livestream, we welcome you to participate from home in a way that is meaningful for you. Please note that this year, folks being honored will not come up to the bimah; they will be asked to rise in body or spirit from their seats (or on Livestream at home).

If you need to practice your Torah blessings, you can see here for the Traditional Aliyot Blessing, or here for the Reconstructionist Aliyot Blessing, which can be found also in the Machzor.

If you have trouble accessing any of these documents or have questions, please contact Jules Rose at jrose@cbst.org