Limmud B'Shabbat

Limmud B'Shabbat (Learning with Shabbat) is CBST's primary Jewish education program. It includes T'fillah Services for Children, Hebrew Instruction, Jewish Texts, Jewish Core Values, Art, Drama, Music, Jewish Culture, Jewish History and LGBTQ Values. Our education program reflects our community and enables our children to understand the diversity of the Jewish world and to find their home in it. We meet twice monthly in classroom settings, and 4 times a year for family retreats in and outside of our shul.

Read our 5778 / 2017-2018 Academic Year Program Outline here!
Limmud Students Grades K-5: register with this form!
Limmud Students Grades 6 & 7 Pre B'nai Mitzvah: register with this form!
Teen Track Students Grades 8-12: learn Civil Rights through the year and travel to the South with us! Register with this form!

Online payment for Limmud is now available here, to supplement the forms above.

CBST's Civil Rights Program and Trip for Teens in Grades 8 thru 12:
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Our Educational Mission‎

CBST is committed to providing a dynamic, inclusive and multifaceted Jewish education program for our children and their families. Our program builds and strengthens a contemporary, learned, relevant, ethical and deeply rooted sense of Yiddishkeit (Jewish culture and identity) through learning and doing, the Study and Practice of Torah, Social Justice, Liturgy, Hebrew Music and the Arts.

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