Chesed=CBST Cares

The Hebrew word “Chesed” translates to “kindness” or “compassion.” 

We believe that in the CBST community, you are not alone.

Through Chesed=CBST Cares, we hope to bring our members together to acknowledge the joyful moments in our lives, comfort the sorrowful in meaningful ways, and bring companionship to those who are in need.

CBST members know what it means to take care of one another. The AIDS crisis taught us the power of standing by one another when we were at our most vulnerable.  We know that community builds happiness and power for survival. 

Chesed=CBST Cares can help you provide or receive help in the following ways (currently, all help is provided remotely except for medical pick-up), including:

  • Make ongoing calls, send a text or email, or video conference (e.g., Zoom, FaceTime) with someone who is isolated
  • Make short-term calls to someone who is hospitalized or recovering from illness
  • Congratulate individuals and families who become B*Mitzvah or graduate 
  • Reach out to someone in mourning
  • Make holiday phone calls
  • Reach out during a city/national crisis (e.g., COVID)
  • Congratulate individuals/families who have a simcha such as welcoming a new child or grandchild, or celebrating a wedding
  • Meet someone after a medical procedure to assist them into their selected mode of transportation (in accordance with COVID protocols)
  • Provide limited tech support for those having difficulty accessing CBST services and programs

Please note: Volunteering for or accessing Chesed=CBST Cares services is reserved for CBST members. It is not an emergency service.

In case of a pastoral emergency such as a death, please call or text 917-513-0413.

Todah rabah!