CBST Membership

Welcome and thank you for your interest in CBST Membership. All are warmly invited to join our sacred community's meaningful and exciting Jewish journey.  

It’s easy & secure.‎ Create or strengthen your connection to ‎CBST and become a member online. JOIN or RENEW ONLINE with CBST's Automatic Monthly CONTINUING MEMBERSHIP OR Annual MEMBERSHIP thru December 31, 2022.

You may download the paper form HERE
Mail to CBST, 130 W 30th St, New York NY 10001-0154

Why become a Member?
- Express your pride and connection to the progressive voice of the CBST Jewish LGBTQS congregation;
- CBST Clergy become your clergy, providing inspiration, personal pastoral care, and lifecycle officiation;
- Access special CBST programs exclusively open for CBST Members:
      Limmud b'Shabbat (educational program for families with children) including B'nai Mitzvah 
      Conversion; Adult B'nai Mitzvah; Pastoral Care and Lifecycle Officiation 
      Annual Retreat and Travel
      Lay Leadership Roles
      Monthly Town Hall Programs
      CBST Cemetery burial rights at Member rate
      High Holy Days services seating section closer to the bimah (or other special opportunities while we are in COVID-19 internet-connection mode) 

What does "Membership" mean?  Membership is a special connection - a statement of mutual support - between an individual, couple or family, and the congregation. In truth, the reasons to become a member, and the meaning of membership, will be different for each individual. Perhaps you have particular concerns, wishes, needs, interests. As a member, CBST Clergy are your clergy. Perhaps you are a spiritual seeker, and wish to gain deeper knowledge of the values and teachings of Judiasm and its traditions and practices. Perhaps you are new to New York, would like to meet new friends, would like to enjoy cultural programming, or wish to take part in social justice activities. Our doors are open. Perhaps you know: Membership contributions provide the financial foundation for all that CBST stands for and strives for.

Would you like to learn more about CBST? 
Continue to check out all areas in this website for lots of important information; but the best way to ‎know CBST is to visit, attend a service, meet the clergy and staff, leaders, and other members. We hope you will make CBST your spiritual home, and participate in Shabbat and holiday observances, learning opportunities, and social justice activities. Come pray, sing, talk, be, and share. ‎

What about the High Holy Days?
CBST has a long standing "Open Door" policy. Members, family and friends, and strangers too, are all welcome to share the inspiration and joy of the High Holy Days services. To accommodate thousands of participants registration (free of charge) is required, and contributions are customary. OPEN DOOR contributions in particular sustain this core value.

Does CBST have a Cemetery?
Yes!  Plots are available at discounted price for CBST Members. For info, contact Yolanda Potasinski, Executive Director at  You are invited to become a Ner Tamid (Eternal Light) member - simply let us know you have remembered CBST in your planned giving. CBST also offers a Charitable Giving Annuity with excellent lifetime percentage - contact for information. 

What other costs and fees are involved?
As a member, CBST’s clergy becomes YOUR clergy. Customary contributions may be made to Discretionary Funds or to the synagogue in honor of clergy, but there are ‎never fees for members' pastoral care. You will find most adult education classes free of charge, some at a nominal fee, or available with a contribution at your discretion. There are nominal fees for dinners, concerts, etc. and we do hold fundraising events to meet the budget approved by the congregation. There are modest fees for our innovative Limmud B’Shabbat ‎school for children grades K-5, the grades 6 & 7 B'nai Mitzvah classes and Teen Track.  And we should note that Membership covers less than 30% of our ‎operating costs, so your contributions beyond membership are vital and meaningful. Sponsorships and tributes offer special ways to express your personal connection and support. 

Want to chat with someone? 
Be in touch with Ruth at 212-929-9498 x 815 or

Wish to offer a sponsorship, make a pledge, arrange a monthly contribution plan, transfer stock, advise us of a charitable fund/foundation gift or have a qusetion or concern?  We’d love to hear from ‎you! 212-929-9498 x 814