Adult B* Mitzvah

CBST's Adult B* Mitzvah program is a remarkable journey of learning, praying, studying and exploring Jewish identity and tradition. Approaching this rite of passage as an adult learner is an expansive journey. This may be an opportunity to celebrate a B* Mitzvah for the first time or to revisit and renew this moment in a more purposeful, thoughtful and intentional way as an adult. Wherever you are on your Jewish journey, whatever the motivation for embarking on this path, you are most welcome to join CBST’s Adult B* Mitzvah program!

For this next cohort, we are looking ahead at a two year program, divided into four semesters. In the fourth semester, the students in the program will celebrate their B* Mitzvah in small groups at a number of spring Shabbat morning services. The classes taught over the course of the program include: Prayer liturgy, Jewish history, Torah, theology, Hebrew, and Torah Cantillation. Classes are taught by CBST teachers and clergy.

The Adult B* Mitzvah cohort of 2023 will begin in November 2021 with CBST's Lehrhaus classes. Info and registration below: 

We are looking forward to this time of learning, questioning and exploring together!