Sukkot Artwork by Karin Foreman

Sukkah Chaver Sign

For the festival of Sukkot, it is traditional to decorate the sukkah and CBST is proud to offer an opportunity for you to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. 

The Hebrew word for “ally” is חבר—Chaver. This image of the Hebrew word, filled in with the colors of the Progress Pride Flag is a wonderful way to show solidarity in your sukkah during Sukkot and in other spaces year round. 

View and download a PDF of the Sukkah Chaver Sign to print out and hang in your sukkah or anywhere you choose! We also encourage you to share on social media widely. View the PNG image file for easy sharing or take a photo in your sukkah, home, or workspace with your Chaver Sign and tag CBST!