Miya Rotstein, Coordinator of Adult and Young Adult Education

Miya Rotstein was raised in Montreal, Quebec by Israeli parents. She is a graduate of McGill University with a degree in English and Cultural Studies. 

Prior to a life in Jewish education, Miya worked as a ceramicist, a glass blower and a cheese monger in New York City. She is a passionate educator; for over 20 years, she has developed Jewish curricula and taught conversational and Biblical Hebrew, Jewish studies, and Torah/ Haftorah trope and preparation.

Miya first came to CBST in 2000 and began teaching Limmud at Bethune Street in 2013. In 2016, she became CBST’s Bnai Mitzvah Coordinator as well as the Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language educator for CBST’s Lehrhaus.

Miya loves teaching and is passionate about imbuing Tikun Olam, Social Justice, Jewish community and continuity to her students through a more holistic understanding of Jewish history and tradition. She lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.