Ari Mosbacher, Clergy Office Administrator

Ari Mosbacher (they/them) graduated from Rutgers University New Brunswick in 2020 with a degree in Linguistics and Philosophy. Passionate about social justice and a major fan of a good to-do list, Ari is eager to apply their experiences as an administrator to help support the clergy team of CBST, providing clerical support and helping the office run smoothly in a wide variety of areas. Growing up as the child of a Rabbi, Ari has become incredibly passionate about the “behind the scenes” of synagogue life and is very excited to devote this passion to helping CBST flourish.

Ari lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They spend much of their free time at board-game cafes across the city, where they can be found drinking coffee and doing creative writing, especially for their Dungeons and Dragons games.