Trans Jews Are Here

Emet: Trans and Non-Binary Team: A space for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and gender expansive people to build community and engage politically at CBST. Emet welcomes people who are questioning. Want to stay in touch about trans and non-binary Jewish programming at CBST? Contact us at transjews@cbst.org!

Trans Pride Kiddush Cup for Trans Day of Visibility: In celebration of Trans Day of Visibility, CBST is thrilled to offer a custom Trans Pride Kiddush Cup created through a partnership with Israeli Judaic Art designer Yair Emanuel. TDOV is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and victories of transgender, non-binary, & gender nonconforming people while raising awareness of the work that is still needed to save trans lives. To receive a Trans Pride Kiddush Cup, please follow the instructions below to make a contribution of your choosing from $18 to $180 to help fund Trans, Non-Binary, & Gender-Nonconforming Programming at CBST. Please be advised: Kiddush Cups are still in production, and while they are expected to arrive by June 1st, in time for Pride, we may experience delays due to the current situation with COVID-19. Specifications: The dimensions of the cup are 12cm height, 6cm diameter. It holds 100ml liquid. The weight of each cup including the plate is 320 grams. The cup and plate are stainless steel, the rings are aluminum, and the color is anodized. Plate included with cup. Plate and cup are not dishwasher safe.

Artist Bio: The artist Yair Emanuel, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, lives and works in Jerusalem. Emanuel's designs of Judaic art are based upon a fusion of traditional motifs and ancient Jewish manuscripts with modern and Oriental art. Vivid and harmonious colors as well as a mixture of the old and new characterize Emanuel's work, which he designs and crafts in his Jerusalem studio. The principal techniques utilized encompass painting on silk, hand embroidery, raw silk applique, painting on wood and metal designs. Among the staff are new immigrants and employees with special needs. A portion of the studio's profit is donated to charity. https://www.emanuel-judaica-israel.com/main-page/

Instructions: 1) Click here 2) Under "Additional Contribution Options" in "I'd like to contribute to:" Select "Social Justice" from the drop-down menu. 3) Enter a numerical amount from $18.00 to $180.00. Your contribution above $18 helps to keep the pricing low for those who need it. 4) Select "Yes" under "Are You Making a Tribute?" 5) Select "On Occasion Of" under "Tribute Type:" 6) Under "Honoree Name" type: "TDOV Kiddush Cup" 7) Skip the rest of the fields and scroll to the bottom and select "Next Page" 8) Select your method of payment and follow the instructions to complete the transaction. You will have the opportunity to review before completing.

Trans Jews Are Here - A History of Inclusion at CBST


Shabbos as an All Gender Experience
"If we take the opportunity to show up for G-d on Shabbos, if we have the capacity to experience G-d, whether G-d is Queen, King, She, He, or They, we are well on our way to appreciating those different from ourselves. By showing up for God, we learn to show up for everyone." Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, CBST's Scholar-in-Residence, Trans and Queer Jewish Studies

Trans Jews are Here Convening Resources​
The Trans Jews are Here convening brought together trans and non-binary Jewish individuals, including some of our very own spiritual leaders, artists, educators, performers, and more, to celebrate and explore the intersection of transgender identity and Jewish life.

The Soul of the Stranger: Reading God and Torah from a Transgender Perspective, 
Joy Ladin

Reading some of the best-known Torah stories through the lens of transgender experience, Joy Ladin explores fundamental questions about how religious texts, traditions, and the understanding of God can be enriched by transgender perspectives, and how the Torah and trans lives can illuminate one another. Available for purchase online and on site at CBST.

You can find more of Joy's work on her website, or watch the video of her conversation with Rabbi Mike Moskowitz at CBST in February 2019.

TransTorah helps people of all genders to fully access and transform Jewish tradition, and helps Jewish communities to be welcoming sanctuaries for people of all genders. Visit their website for more information and resources including blessings for transitioning gender, chest binding, trans and gender non-conforming weddings, pre-surgery mikveh ritual, and more.

Trans Day of Remembrance - 'A Memorial Prayer' by Rabbi Reuben Zellman

Rabbi Mike Moskowitz
Here at CBST, Rabbi Moskowitz studies, writes, and teaches on trans issues and Jewish sources, creating a body of work that Jews all over the world will be able to use. He will represent CBST, speaking and teaching on these topics in other communities. Email Rabbi Moskowitz at rabbimoskowitz@cbst.org and check out some of his articles below:

For more articles and resources from Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, visit his website or CBST page.