A Passover Teaching

Dear CBST Extended Community,

"I am so happy to be back at CBST after my sabbatical. I am grateful to everyone at CBST who made this possible. I look forward to being with all of you!

Friday, April 1 was my first night back in our Wine Family Sanctuary after these six months away. It was such a joy to be there with so many of you! We welcomed the new month of Nisan anticipating Pesach/Passover in less than two weeks. "

Read Rabbi Kleinbaum's full teaching >>


CBST First Night Community Passover Seder 5782

Friday, April 15, 6:30 p.m.

Honor the sweetest traditions of feasting and gathering as a community. CBST's First Night Passover Seder draws on familiar and newly formed texts and rituals. We promise, this night will be different from all other nights. Together we will sing, pray, and celebrate our way out of Pharaoh's Egypt into greater strength as free people. We look forward to raising the four glasses with you!

This year, we are thrilled to host our first in-person Seder at CBST since 2019. Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Cantorial Intern Sam Rosen, and Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig will lead the Seder. Seder will follow a brief Shabbat/yom tov ma'ariv service.

For those interested in attending in person, please note IN-PERSON REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED.

For those interested in attending online, you can support CBST’s livestreamed Seder here and view the livestream here. You can view the Haggadah here.

Second Night Seder Match 

Saturday, April 16

There are many ways to observe the second night of Passover! If you are a CBST member seeking to attend a second night Seder, or you have seats available at your Seder, either in-person or online, you can email Judy Hollander at to inquire and request a connection. You can also utilize the UJA Find-a-Seder Tool to locate a Seder near you. Looking to hold your own Second Night Seder? Check out for resources, and even micro-grants!


Bedikat Chametz: Searching for Leaven

The night before Passover, immediately after sundown, one begins the search for leaven. The aim of the search is to be sure that no leaven has been left behind after the cleaning of the house. The procedure includes these items: a candle; a feather, which acts as a broom; and a wooden spoon into which the pieces of bread will be scooped. Read more about this ritual here >>

Get Your Passover Haggadah for CBST's Annual First Night Seder

We encourage Seder participants to follow along in their own Haggadah as part of “the people of the book”—it really transforms the experience! In one attractive, beautifully illustrated volume are the traditional prayers, biblical texts, historical notes, song lyrics and a play for children to perform. Get yours here >>

One Mitzvah Leads to Another: Sell Your Chametz

Halachah (Jewish law) prohibits eating chametz (leaven) during Pesach and also forbids us to even own chametz. Our tradition provides a legal procedure: you can sell your chametz and, an hour after after Passover concludes, you can "buy" it back (without actual delivery or pick-up). This year, Rabbi Rapport will serve as your "Chametz Agent." There is no fee—you can make a contribution (maot chittimhere >>

Families with Children

Here are a few CBST-exclusive Passover resources help your family celebrate Passover at home in fun and memorable ways.

  1. Play the audio-led musical adventure: act and sing a long, “as if, you yourselves were leaving Egypt”

  • Stream this Passover K’ilu Kit in eight, 4-minute-sections or all at once
  • Easy-to-follow instructions to guide you in acting the whole Exodus story
  • Printable set of storytelling materials for activities and scavenger hunt
  • Make a baby Moses puppet to float down the Nile and a burning bush paper lantern
  1. Complete a Haggadah Challenge with your family (5-min interactive video).

  2. Watch Down the Nile, a CBST original interactive musical (2019 performance – 30 min)



Bringing Your Seder Home

Whether taking a seat at CBST's virtual table, or opening the Haggadah with those who share your home, get an introduction and some advice about the order of events here.

Set Up Your Seder Plate

Discover the classic symbolism of the items on our seder plates (or their creative alternatives!) and consider the addition of a symbol that represents a contemporary struggle for social justice equity with this short article by T'ruah's Executive Director, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, or this interview featuring CBST's own Director of Social Justice Programming, Rabbi Marisa James.

Get Ethically Sourced Passover Chocolate

Celebrate our liberation from slavery with chocolate guaranteed to come from companies that do not engage in child labor, slave labor, or other human rights abuses endemic to the chocolate industry. A collaboration between Equal Exchange and T'ruah.