House of Peace Jewish-Muslim Outreach

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum tells us:

We need to deepen our engagement with, and knowledge of, our Muslim neighbors here in NYC. We know that one of the first targets of institutional and individualized hate already in NYC and elsewhere is the Muslim community. We must study Islam and become better educated so we can engage in sophisticated discussions.

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Through at least March 29th, all NYU Departments have been asked to suspend any large gatherings. As the Islamic Center falls within New York University's Department of Student Affairs, this guideline becomes applicable to the ICNYU as well. As such, ICNYU will not be hosting Jummah Prayers on March 13th, 20th or 27th. Thus House of Peace will not take place on those dates. 

Weekly Welcome at Islamic Center at NYU
Fridays from 12:45pm - 2:30pm at 238 Thompson St., just south of Washington Square Park
House of Peace invites you to join our weekly visit to welcome Muslim worshippers for Friday mid-day Jummah services at NYU. We arrive at 12:45pm and stay until approximately 2:30pm. Come when you wish and stay as long as you can. We have a group banner and provide individual signs. First-timers are encouraged to go upstairs to the prayer space as guests to experience Muslim prayer first-hand.

Participation in rallies and other activities.
Contingents from House of Peace have participated in rallies and actions throughout the city. We have joined our Muslim friends in interfaith Passover services and volunteered to serve Iftar dinners at the Islamic Center at NYU nearly a dozen nights during the month of Ramadan.

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The Personal Impact of House of Peace

Having had little contact with Muslims prior to our initiatives, I am especially moved by our personal interactions. Friday afternoon has become a meaningful ritual for meSusan Meyer

When I first joined the efforts of The House of Peace, I thought I'd bring a show of support to our Muslim friends and, by doing so, give them a positive feeling that they are not alone. After participating for several weeks in this effort and seeing the tears in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and feeling the warmth of their hugs, it is I who has benefited significantly by this mitzvahGerald Goldhaber

Participation is a regular reminder of the urgent necessity to practice empathy. Sitting alone in my apartment leaves me feeling hopeless and helpless; joining with others strengthens me immeasurably and I hope my presence can strengthen othersSherry Fyman

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Learning Resources
Print and online resources to help the CBST community better understand Islam and the relations between Muslims and Jews, both historic and contemporary.

An Introduction to Islam for Jews, Reuven Firestone, PhD.
How to Pray: A Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer in Islam, Mustafa Umar.
How to Be A Perfect Stranger, Stuart M. Matlins, Arthur J. Magida
No god but God, Reza Aslan

Prayspace.  A smartphone app that guides you through Muslim prayers with transliterations, translations, audio and demonstrations of the choreography of Muslim prayer.

American Muslims and Religious Freedom FAQ from the Interfaith Alliance
An A-to-Z Guide on Being a Muslim Ally by Zoha Qamar
Step by Step Guide to Muslim Prayer