High Holy Days

A message of blessings for the Days of Awe from Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum.

During the High Holy Days season of self-reflection, we looked back on our acts of the past year, considered how we have affected the lives of others, and made commitments for the year ahead. Your pledges in support of CBST enable our remarkable community to continue to change lives and make history. Thank you.

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Our long-standing Open Door policy is sustained by support from CBST Members & Friends. We welcome ALL who wish to share the High Holy Days, Shabbat, and the holidays and festivals throughout the year, always without charge.

Watch High Holy Days 5779 Services - Livestreamed on Facebook

Rosh Hashanah Evening I Ma'ariv Service
Rosh Hashanah Day I Shacharit Service
Rosh Hashanah Day I Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum's drash
Rosh Hashanah Day I Musaf Service
Kol Nidre Service
Yom Kippur Shacharit Service
Yom Kippur Yizkor Service
Yom Kippur Musaf Service
Yom Kippur Mincha Service

High Holy Days 5779 Drashot

Rosh Hashanah Evening I - Rabbi Yael Rapport Drasha (transcript available)
Rosh Hashanah Day I - Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum Drasha
Kol Nidre - Rabby Sharon Kleinbaum Drasha
Yom Kippur Torah Service - Cooperberg-Rittmaster Rabbinical Intern Deborah Megdal Drasha
Yom Kippur Mincha - Cooperberg-Rittmaster Rabbinical Intern Rabbi Steven Philp Drasha

Watch videos and read drashot from past High Holy Day services.

photo: Esteban Kuriel

Listen to a sample from our High Holy Days CD, "Return Again, Hashivenu"
Achat Sha'alti, Israel Katz, born 1930, sung by the CBST Community Chorus


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