Shavuot 5781

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Celebrate Shavuot with CBST

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8:00pm Ma’ariv Service
led by Rabbi Yael Rapport & Rabbi Marisa James

with chanting of Aseret HaDibrot/10 Commandments.
Via Zoom link below or CBST's Facebook Page
Meeting ID: 844 8708 1424

9:00pm Community Class
with Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum

introducing our study theme for the evening:
Megillat Ruth - The Book of Ruth as Shavuot's central text.
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Meeting ID: 844 8708 1424

Study Sessions, 10 pm–12 midnight:
Register now for Tikkun Leil Shavuot Study! Register now for your choice of CBST Tikkun Leil Shavuot 10 pm and 11 pm classes, each a new pathway to discovering the Book of Ruth! Learn with teachers Rabbi Yael Rapport, Rabbi Marisa James, Rabbi Jo Hirschmann, Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig, CRRF Deborah Megdal, Cantorial Intern Sam Rosen, and CRRI Dave Yedid, and bring your own cheesecake! Via Zoom only. 

10:00pm Movement and Belonging: Finding Ourselves in Ruth's Story
with Rabbi Jo Hirschmann
Meeting ID: 876 7464 0415
In this session, we'll map the experiences of loss and community, the progression of time, and the movement of people that run through the Book of Ruth, and we'll look for ourselves in these transitions and stories.  All texts will be in translation and no Hebrew background is needed.

10:00pm Ruth’s Gleanings: Collecting Our Own Traditions
with CRRF Deborah Megdal
Meeting ID: 872 1395 2459
Using the biblical metaphor of Ruth collecting the gleanings of the field as she embarks on her journey to devote her life to the Jewish People, we will engage in an active tactile project of collecting symbolic items, images, or words to create a “basket” of the traditions that are most meaningfully ours. We will also study how the story of Ruth was used by the rabbis of the Talmud as a tool for confirming that new members of the Jewish People have collected enough the “gleanings” of tradition in order for them to confidently create their own Jewish paths.

10:00pm The Art Music of Ruth
with Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig & Cantorial Intern Sam Rosen
Meeting ID: 860 2154 2135
The Book of Ruth has inspired composers to create beautiful new settings for hundreds of years. Ruth employs rare forms of feminine Hebrew and tells an extraordinary story of devotion and love between women. These unique qualities offer opportunities for composers to create deep meaning and musical midrash for this exceptional text.

11:00pm Ruth and Naomi
with Rabbi Yael Rapport
Meeting ID: 876 7464 0415
"Wherever you go, I will go with you..." Ruth and Naomi's unlikely beginning cements into a profound partnership of love. How have we interpreted their relationship over time in our own models of family, friendship, and romance? Reading directly from Megillat Ruth and its midrashim and commentaries, we will explore the many shapes deep relationships can take.

11:00pm On Taking a Leap of Faith
with CRRI Dave Yedid.
Meeting ID: 872 1395 2459
Ruth shows us what it means to take a leap of faith--to risk everything--to cleave to Naomi, join a new people and theological system. We will look at the verses in the book itself as well as contemporary scholarship and poetry about what this leap of faith meant in the Book of Ruth and what it can teach us today.

11:00pm Build your own Blintzes!
with Rabbi Marisa James
Meeting ID: 860 2154 2135
Join Rabbi James and make a small batch of your favorite blintzes in 30 minutes, while learning about how blintzes became connected to Shavuot and their place in Ashkenazi and Eastern European food traditions. Here's a list of ingredients and utensils. Rabbi James will teach and answer questions through the process, so participants can either cook along with her or watch to do it later themselves!

12:00am Midnight Cheesecake L'chaim
Meeting ID: 844 8708 1424


I will go out to the field: How the harvest seasons frame the story of Ruth
Monday, May 17, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
In-person, socially distant, park meet-up and study session with Rabbi Marisa James exclusively for CBST Members in good standing. Interested in CBST membership? Contact Ruth at

When you think of the Book of Ruth, do you think of barley and wheat? These two harvest seasons bookend the story we read! Rabbi James will host a gathering out in a field on the first day of Shavuot to learn about how the ancient Bethlehem harvests continue to shape our lives in Jewish community. Limited to 20 CBST Members in good standing. Members will receive a link to register. Registrants will be asked to complete a health survey within 24 hrs of the event, and submit proof of vaccination. Once those materials are received, registrants will receive an email with the exact meeting location. The site is close to public transportation, parking, and public restrooms. Should you need, bring your own seating (portable chairs, or blankets to sit on). Masks are required and social distancing will be observed. Any membership questions? Email or you may renew/join CBST online.


Shavuot II—Yom Tov/Yizkor Services with Megillat Ruth
Tuesday, May 18, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Led by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Cantorial Intern Sam Rosen, and teaching by Cooperberg-Rittmaster Rabbinical Intern Dave Yedid and chanting of Megillat Ruth.
Meeting ID: 850 2501 1582

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