CBST's Guide to How to Make an Appointment for the COVID-19 Vaccine

All New York City residents age 12 and older are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine! Make an appointment here or call 1-877-829-4692. Some sites are offering walk-up vaccinations, with no appointment necessary. More information

This information is for congregants who are newly eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or will be eligible in the coming weeks. Understandably, if you’re newly eligible, getting started can seem a little overwhelming! There are dozens of websites, hundreds of news articles, thousands of frustrated Tweets all giving you the impression that this might be more difficult than splitting the Red Sea. Rest assured, CBST’s Vaccine Angels have been helping individuals across the country since January, and we’re ready to demystify the process. 


  • You must schedule an appointment for a vaccination. 
  • It is necessary to be in an eligible category before signing up for an appointment. If you’d like to try to get an excess dose, join one of the Facebook groups linked below which provide more information on that.
  • Appointments are constantly being released. Check these links regularly for new available appointment slots. 
  • Contact your doctor to inquire about appointments. If they are affiliated with certain hospitals, it may be possible to get a vaccine through their office.
  • Have patience, take heart, and talk to us if you’re struggling. Contact CBST’s social worker, Judy Ribnick, LCSW, at or (917) 310-4656. Judy can match you with a CBST Vaccine Angel.

Vaccine Scheduling Info for New Yorkers
If you live elsewhere, scroll down.

The basics

  • In New York, we have hundreds of sites. Some are government-run vaccinating hubs (NYC + NYS) and others are clinic/pharmacy locations (CVS, Duane Reade, Northwell Health, etc.) 
  • If you have a medical reason dictating which vaccine you need (e.g., a PEG allergy), then be sure to check which vaccine that specific vaccinating location is offering -- this is provided on almost all of the websites. Make sure to double-check when you arrive for your vaccine.

Scheduling websites + tips

  • Use Am I Eligible? to schedule at New York State-run hubs, including at least 4 sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. You can also schedule by phone 1-833-697-4829 (1-833-NYS-4-VAX).
    • Availability is listed clearly on the website. Appointments are released sporadically throughout the week. Follow the Twitter bot @NYvaccine + enable notifications to be instantly notified when appointments open up.

  • Use VAX4NYC to schedule at New York City-run hubs, across all five boroughs. You can also schedule by phone  1-877-829-4692 (1-877-VAX-4NYC) or by calling 311.
    • Appointments are released sporadically throughout the day. Follow the Twitter bot @TurboVax + enable notifications to be instantly notified when appointments open up at a VAX4NYC spot. 

  • Even if you don’t see available appointments on VAX4NYC, if you spend 15 minutes refreshing your zip code, inevitably an appointment will appear. Don’t hit “refresh” on your browser, just change your zip code or the date.

Use NYC Health + Hospitals COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduler to schedule at the NYC Health + Hospitals hubs. 

  • Appointments are released sporadically throughout the day. Follow the Twitter bot @TurboVax + enable notifications to be instantly notified when appointments open up at a NYC H+H spot.

  • Even if you don’t see available appointments on NYC H+H, you can keep the pop-up window open and it will automatically update if an appointment comes available. Or, you can click & uncheck the certification button.

Go to CVS Covid-19 Vaccine to schedule an appointment at a participating CVS near you. 

  • The best time to search is between 12am-6am. You do not need an account to schedule a vaccination. 
  • Pro-tip: If there is no availability in NY meaning you do not see a red link saying “Schedule an appointment now”, click on Alabama, where this is likely availability, and this will take you to the in-take form, and after that you can enter that you’re searching for NYC. See a video here.

Go to Walgreens to schedule an appointment at a participating Duane Reade or Walgreen. You can also book over the phone at 1-800-925-4733 (1-800-WALGREENS)

  • You must have your own account to schedule a vaccination. The account must have your correct name, birthday, and physical address. The same tips for CVS apply for Walgreens. 
  • The best time to search is between 12am-6am. If the site won’t let you search because there’s no availability near you, try another city farther away.

Go to Rite Aid’s COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler to book an appointment at a participating Rite Aid near you. 

  • The best time to search is just before 12am. You do not need an account to schedule a vaccination. See this PDF to preview the entire process for booking at Rite Aid.

Use NYC Vaccine Finder to find the COVID-19 vaccination location nearest you.

  • It now includes availability at many locations including pharmacies direct links to schedulers (or phone numbers), as well information about which vaccine you’ll receive and who can get vaccinated at that location. 

Appointments can also be found at local clinics and hospitals, not all of whom are on the NYC Vaccine Finder so be sure to check for more listings. Note, Northwell Health and Vaccine Together by Weill Cornell-NY Pres-Columbia are two of the larger clinics & hospitals performing vaccinations so be sure to check their sites often.

Vaccine availability websites -- note these are nationwide, too

  • helps you find additional COVID-19 vaccination locations across the city, state, and country. Some vaccinating locations are included on this website which are not on NYC Vaccine Finder. Like NYC Vaccine Finder it includes information about the vaccine used and a phone number or website to schedule the appointment. Availability information is not always accurate so be sure to call to confirm.
  • NYC Vaccine List is a volunteer-run website that pulls vaccine appointment information from both the New York state and local websites. It clearly displays which vaccination sites currently have availability and which do not. Refresh the page every few minutes to ensure you are getting updated information as it becomes available.
  • gives you a real-time map-based list of current/recent availability at numerous pharmacies across the city. The UX is very easy and it gives you a bird’s eye map view.
  • VaxxMax is a database showing real-time recent availability at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. The UX is clunky but the site helps you know that slots do come available at locations near you.

Helpful Twitter accounts, Facebook groups, and Nextdoor groups  

If you’d like a “how to” process and more tips, check CBST Vaccine Angel Alicia Fowler’s How to Schedule a COVID-19 Vaccination and click on New York. 

Vaccine Scheduling Info for All Other States
Go to your state's health department for up-to-date information on vaccination policies in your area or click on the state below (Abby Goodnough – NYTimes):

Alabama ›Alaska ›Arizona ›Arkansas ›California ›Colorado ›Connecticut ›Delaware ›Washington, D.C. ›Florida ›Georgia ›Hawaii ›Idaho ›Illinois ›Indiana ›Iowa ›Kansas ›Kentucky ›Louisiana ›Maine ›Maryland ›Massachusetts ›Michigan ›Minnesota ›Mississippi ›Missouri ›Montana ›Nebraska ›Nevada ›New Hampshire ›New Jersey ›New Mexico ›New York ›North Carolina ›North Dakota ›Ohio ›Oklahoma ›Oregon ›Pennsylvania ›Rhode Island ›South Carolina ›South Dakota ›Tennessee ›Texas ›Utah ›Vermont ›Virginia ›Washington ›West Virginia ›Wisconsin ›Wyoming ›

Resources for Making a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

What to expect after you get the vaccine:

  • The CDC has created an after vaccine health checker, V Safe, for you to tell the CDC about any side effects.
  • To learn more about what to expect after you get your COVID vaccine, check out this booklet from the NYC Health Department "What You Need to Know After Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine"
  • With or without the vaccine, mask and social distancing guidelines remain in effect. Please adhere to them for the benefit of everyone.
  • Many who have received the coronavirus vaccine wonder: What can I safely do? Now that vaccines are here, the newly inoculated wonder: How do I interact with people who are not vaccinated? Read this Washington Post article here for some answers.

 Here's How CBST Can Help with COVID Vaccines:
Please note, CBST does not have special access to vaccines. However, if you’re having technological challenges, CBST’s Vaccine Corps can offer you assistance. Our volunteers can help you in many ways: (1) train you on how to use the various scheduling websites, (2) help you register, or (3) even help you sign up for an appointment. To access help from our team, please fill out this brief form.

If you have any questions about this or social service support, please contact CBST’s social worker, Judy Ribnick, LCSW, at or (917) 310-4656.  If you would like to speak with one of CBST’s rabbis about a pastoral matter, you can contact them at

Thanks to CBST’s Vaccine Corps: Alicia Fowler, Cheryl Segal, Diane Burhenne, Lauren Goldrich, Sara Sloan, Sharon Goldub and Sue Rosansky.

Revised 3.24.21 - Special thanks for Alicia Fowler for updating this information.

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