Family & Friends Shabbat 2022

During a Shabbat service honoring Rabbi Yael Rapport, with a moving introduction from Rabbi Kleinbaum, Rabbi Rapport considers the queerness of Judaism.

Rabbi Rapport: "Judaism is queer. It's countercultural and radical. We are a minority community that is absolutely animated by our experiences of being pushed to the margins. We are constantly changing and if evolving and questioning, and oh my G-d is Judaism obsessed with rainbows."

"Our belief that there is a divinely inspired, ethically enacted pathway for living embedded in a sacred text that we reread every year for contemporary relevance makes the entirety of the Jewish project outrageously queer from its very inception. It is, and it has always been our greatest strength."

Associate Rabbi Yael Rapport, who wraps up her six years as CBST's associate rabbi on July 31, 2022, delivered this drashah at Family & Friends Pride Shabbat services on June 17, 2022  / 19 Sivan 5782.