Music at CBST: "Achat Sha’alti" and "Oseh Shalom"

This beautiful, introspective setting of "Achat Sha’alti" (an excerpt from Psalm 27, recited daily throughout the month of Elul) was composed by Wald & Mendelowitz, and comes from the Chasidic tradition.

"One thing I ask, only this do I seek; to dwell in your house, all the days of my life; to behold your loveliness, in the light of your temple dawn”.

These words are followed by Debbie Friedman’s stirring setting of "Oseh Shalom", a fervent prayer for peace and wholeness.

“Achat Sha’alti” from Psalm 27, Music: Wald & Mandelowitz, arr. Joyce Rosenzweig

“Oseh Shalom” Music: Debbie Friedman

Voice: Ba’alet Tefillah Ze’evi Tovlev

Piano: Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig

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