Yolanda Potasinski, Executive Director

Yolanda Potasinski, joined the staff at CBST as its Executive Director, in January of 2013. ‎ She previously served as President of CBST for five years, during a critical period, ‎while CBST substantially increased its staff and budget, and began to professionalize its ‎board. From 2003 to 2012, Yolanda served as the Executive Director of Habonim - a Conservative synagogue on the ‎Upper West Side. ‎ Yolanda is a native of Caracas, Venezuela, where her family found refuge after ‎World War II. Bi-lingual and fluent in both Spanish and English, Yolanda has a passion for building community between people of all walks of life. During her 17-year ‎career in banking administration, Yolanda was an active member and volunteer at CBST. ‎She obtained a certificate at the NYU George Heyman, Jr. Center of Philanthropy and Fundraising.  Yolanda has a background that includes both extensive training and hands-on experience in organizational ‎development, fundraising and programming. Yolanda also served as President and VP of ‎Metro-Ase, the NY professional organization for synagogue directors. She resides in NYC with her son and daughter.