Sanctuary: Supporting Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers

Immigrants and asylum seekers continue to face
serious challenges in seeking safety in the U.S.

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Help the CBST Immigration Clinic continue to train volunteers and attorneys to provide assistance with asylum and work permit applications, translation, accompaniment to USCIS interviews, direct support for our immigrant neighbors, and more.

Report on our Pro Se Clinic's one-year anniversary, May 9, 2020

As a community that comprises LGBTQ folk, Jews, and our allies, we know the dangers of demonization, and we embrace resistance and love as our response. We cannot be silent.

What is Sanctuary? 

According to T’ruah, Sanctuary is “the movement and the work of defending immigrants and standing up for their rights.” CBST is actively engaged in Sanctuary work, protecting and supporting our immigrant friends as they face our complex and challenging asylum process, and advocating for undoing the damage caused by the previous administration.

Read below to learn more about the work we do, and email Clinic Coordinator Noah Habeeb at sanctuary@cbst.org to get involved. 

What Are We Doing?

CBST Immigration Clinic  Now online!

Since May 2019, CBST has held a weekly immigration legal clinic for asylum seekers inspired by the New Sanctuary Coalition, in coalition with Seeking Asylum Finding Empowerment (SAFE), and RUSA LGBT. Our clinic now functions entirely online. At the clinic, attorneys and non-attorneys work with asylum seekers to prepare asylum applications, supporting documentation, and other government forms.

If you would like to volunteer with the clinic on Wednesday or Thursday evenings, contact Clinic Coordinator Noah Habeeb at sanctuary@cbst.org. Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming online Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses for attorneys and training sessions for non-attorneys!

Our Partners

  • RUSA LGBT provides informational support to asylum seekers and organizes social events to increase acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQ people within the Russian-speaking public. We fight for social justice, human and civil rights for LGBTQ people in America and in the former Soviet Union. RUSA LGBT advocates for justice for asylum seekers and for equality worldwide!
  • SAFE (Seeking Asylum and Finding Empowerment) seeks to empower immigrants and vulnerable populations who have been marginalized due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, and other factors to reach their fullest potential by providing humanitarian assistance while fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse communities.
  • The New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC) springs from New York’s faith-based and social justice communities and forms a unique family of citizens and immigrants, bound by a love of humanity and mutual respect. Operating for a decade on less-than-shoestring budgets, NSC has done enormous good for our community. 
  • The Synagogue Coalition and Downtown Jewish Life is a group of synagogues and Jewish non-profits coordinating and amplifying efforts to engage more deeply in this work. The group collaborates with organizations like HIAS and T’ruah to advocate for and assist refugee and immigrant families. By partnering with them we are creating a louder voice for justice and equality on these crucial issues.
  • Faith in New York is a significant multi faith organization that advocates for a number of different issues, including supporting immigrants. We are also partnering with them to further our sanctuary work and deepen our interfaith relationships.

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