Memorial Wall

New MEMORIAL WALL in the Kuriel Chapel

A new digital interactive system, created by leading synagogue plaque fabricator, W.E. Baum, will display Memorials in the Kuriel Chapel, replacing the existing Family & Friends bronze plaques. Members memorialized in the Wine Family Sanctuary will also be included in this new system. CBST will have unlimited capacity to meet the congregation’s needs into the future, and the system offers a number of unique features, described below.

Here is a preliminary rendering of the new Memorial Wall, designed by the original Home of Our Own, award-winning architects, ARO. 

Here is an example of the 65" interactive display of Yortzeits of the week.

Up to 44 yortzeit names of the week will be displayed, alphabetically. If there are more yortzeits to be observed in a particular week, and for the four annual Yizkor observances, names will slowly scroll.

With the Search feature, one can walk up to the touch screen, enter a name, and details will appear for anyone remembered in the system.

Moreover, we’re excited to note that you will be able to access the Memorial Wall via the internet, wherever you are! 

Here is an example of the search results display for any individual in the system: 

Now, you will also have the opportunity to include a tribute, biography, and/or photo for any individual Memorial. Here’s an example:   

Another unique feature is the opportunity to search and view a list of relatives, and then you can click to learn more about each.

If you already dedicated a bronze plaque in memoriam, your loved one's memorial will automatically appear in the new system, free of charge. If you wish to obtain the bronze plaque, contact giving@cbst.org to arrange pick-up or shipment.

Members (only) who wish to create a new Memorial OR wish to add a tribute, biography and/or photo to a new or existing memorial, please contact Ruth at 212-929-9498 x 815 or rkleinman@cbst.org.

A note about the Home of Our Own Capital Campaign:  The new Memorial Wall may be dedicated with acknowledgement inscribed on the adjacent Dedication Panel in the Kuriel Chapel and on the Donor Wall in the main stairway. Contact Director of Development Gina Schmeling at 212-929-9498 x 814 or gschmeling@cbst.org to discuss this opportunity.


CBST is a 501c3 Religious Organization. In accordance with IRS regulations, no tangible goods or services are provided in exchange for these memorial contributions. Consult your tax advisor.