The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC)

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) is Israel's preeminent civil and human rights organization addressing issues of religion and state. Founded in 1987 as the public and legal advocacy arm of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, IRAC works to advance pluralism in Israeli society and to defend the freedoms of conscience, faith and religion. Rooted in progressive Jewish values, IRAC advocates on behalf of a broadly inclusive Israeli democracy based on the principles of social justice and equality. 

Specifically, IRAC works to:

  • Secure unequivocal state recognition, funding, and equal status for Reform and Conservative rabbis, synagogues and institutions.
  • Oppose gender segregation and the exclusion of women from the public sphere.
  • Combat racist incitement, particularly by public and religious figures who use Jewish sources to incite to racist actions and intolerance.
  • Protect the rights of all converts to make aliya and enjoy equal rights in Israel.
  • Secure freedom of choice in marriage and equal rights in divorce for all Israelis.

Among IRAC’s efforts is the fight for protection of the Israeli LGBTQ community from religious persecution. To learn more about IRAC and to make a donation of anything from $18-$180 to support their very important work, please visit their website at www.irac.org

To learn about IRAC’s campaign to stop the extremist racist organization Lehava, see the youtube links below, with a caution that videos are very disturbing: