Ideas to Help Jump Start Your Political and Social Justice Activism

Direct Action Alliance – listing of sites/apps/texts and other activism resources.  Terrific aggregator with links to get you started.

This is a great overall site put together by former congressional staffers with ideas and tips for organizing, mobilizing, contacting government officials and finding similar groups.  They have a weekly calendar of actions as well as scripts for phone calls and ways to get involved. They are now responsible for launching satellite indivisible groups around the country based on the organizing principals in their guide. This is a soup to nuts way to stay connected and informed.

5 Calls
Great website that allows you to choose your protest topic for the day via radio buttons on the left side of the home page and then gives you a script and automatically shows you which Senators and Congress people to call based on your zip code and/or address.  Phone numbers provided for DC and regional offices.

Rogan’s list
This is a great site that offers a daily email chock full of links and easy action items to keep you involved and resisting.

Wall of Us
An excellent site that features weekly actions as well as a robust and constantly updated list of resources and information.  Subscribe to a weekly email to stay motivated.

1460 Days of Action
An excellent volunteer run group that is focused on two things primarily: supporting and electing the “new blue” candidates who will help to flip the house and senate and upholding democratic values that reflect who we are as a nation.  They offer a daily email with action items as well as more long-term ways to get involved in electing new democratic candidates.

Sleeping Giants
Sleeping Giants is an organization (active on Twitter and FaceBook) dedicated to stopping racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic news sites by stopping their ad dollars. Resisters can go online and track companies advertising on Breitbart and encourage them to pull their advertising dollars.  Many of these ads are programmatic, so the companies don’t actually know where they are being placed.  Coupled with Grab Your Wallet, this has been an extremely effective way to protest.  As of this writing, approximately 250 companies have pulled advertising from Breitbart.

A little more wonky, but a great site for understanding what government bills contain and how best to voice your support or opposition to them.  It provides a clear way to find out how your MOC’s are voting in real time. It’s like having a Washington translator with a liberal democratic bent. Also, it provides easy links to voice your support through the website.

Take Action NYC
Comprehensive calendar of actions/marches/rallies/meetings and other social justice events taking place in the NYC area.  Details about sponsors, timing and meeting place, agenda etc. Plan your resistance with this handy tool.

2 Hours a Week
Smart site that believes that everyone can lend a hand in this effort and that people need to become their own lobbyists instead of waiting for someone else to do it.  Lots of easy ideas for calls, petitions actions etc.  They believe that change in politics needs to come from the bottom up. 

Rise Stronger
RISE is working to become the largest citizen watchdog organization in the United States with the mission of empowering Americans to monitor and take action in response to the Trump Administration, Congress, and state and local governments.

What the F**k Just Happened Today
Expletives aside, this is a great daily round up of all the atrocities committed by this administration.  Every. Single. Day.  There are recaps of issues, executive orders, etc and links to relevant articles in serious papers by trustworthy reporters.  In case you fall behind, this is an invaluable resource.  You can also sign up for their daily email to stay on top of things.

Grab Your Wallet
Website devoted to all the consumer goods and services you should boycott because they enrich the Trump family.  Notably, these boycotts are working see Nordstrom, Sears and Kmart.  Site gives you email addresses as well as phone numbers to register your complaint. 

Looking for daily inspiration on your phone?
Text “daily” to 228-466
To get daily action alerts about people/issues to protest. Text gives you a direct phone number to make your voice heard