High Holy Day Torah Service Honors 5783

Honoring our Community during High Holy Day Torah Services

Dear CBST Members, Friends and Contributors,

We are trying something new this year during each Torah service when we joyfully acknowledge all who contribute to the success of our community in so many different ways. To do that, we would like to invite those present during the Torah service in-person or online to find which honor or Aliya you will participate in based on the different categories below. Then, when the gabbai announces the groups for the Aliya please stand and join in the blessing before and after the Torah is read.  We are thrilled that we can come together in this way to thank and appreciate so many of you and to be together as we welcome the New Year of 5783.

Rosh Hashanah Day I - Monday, September 26

  1. Honors those who came to CBST in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s
  2. Those who came to CBST in the 2000s, 2010, 2020s
  3. Rosh Pinah
  4. Members of The Ark immigration Clinic
  5. Members of Aleinu-CBST’s 20’s and 30’s group, and Mishpachah group-CBST’s 55 plus group
    Maftir: CBST Staff present today

Rosh Hashanah Day II - Tuesday, September 27

  1. Clergy
  2. Committees of the board: CBST’s Development and Finance Team, Governance Board, Nominating Board, & Rabbinical, Cantorial, Intern Search Committees
  3. The CBST Connectors, the Middle East and Me team, the Green Team, EMET (Trans and Non-binary) Team, RUSA LGBT, House of Peace, Democracy Action Team, and Chazak: The Red Ribbon Team
  4. Leaders of Shabbat and Yom Tov Services, Darshanim, Leyners, Shofar Sounders, and Gabbaim at CBST
  5. CBST Music Director Joyce Rosenzweig, and members of the CBST Community Chorus in the past year
    Maftir: Participants of CBST Hebrew and Lehrhaus classes, both in-person and online

Yom Kippur Morning - Wednesday, October 5

  1. Our clergy, music team, and any clergy in the kahal this morning
  2. CBST President Sabrina Farber, The Executive Committee, the entire CBST Board and their partners
  3. CBST Past Presidents, their partners, and anyone who has served on the CBST Board in the past
  4. Anyone who has had a B*mitzvah or family of a B*mitzvah during the past year
  5. Our Shabbat and Holiday Ushers, in-person and online Greeters, and lay tech-support
  6. New members who have joined CBST in 2020, 2021, or 2022
    Maftir: Those present at our service today in-person and online

Yom Kippur Afternoon - Wednesday, October 5

  1. Leaders of the CBST Congregational Retreat and Paricipants of the Shabbat morning minyanim – Liberal Minyan and TEM, the Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
  2. Those who are at CBST for the High Holy Days for the first time
  3. Those present at our service today in-person and online