For Families with Children

Passover Seders, The Aggadah of the Haggadah, Challenges, and Escape Room Puzzles

Family Seder: K'ilu Passover Adventure (families with kids 3-8)
Longtime CBST member, Jonathan Shmidt Chapman, creator of Aggadah Adventures, has a new project—K’ilu Passover Adventure! You can choose this experience OFFLINE as a family or ONLINE with other families on Zoom. To get your kit now, just email children@cbst.org with your name with the names and ages of your children. We’ll send you the link and password to access everything immediately.

OFFLINE SEDER with your family at home
At your convenience, anytime free of charge

The K’ilu Passover Adventure, is an interactive, audio and play-based experience to bring the Passover story to life with your family. Kids can find household items on a scavenger hunt, follow the cutout Moses basket puppet on the printable story map, make a burning bush paper lantern. They can even lead the Seder with a super short and accurate printable Haggadah!

ONLINE SEDER with other families on Zoom
Saturday/Shabbat, March 27, 9:00-9:45 am
Some grownup help needed. Free of charge.

This online Seder is appropriate for kids who like to dance and pretend, might fall asleep before the evening Seder is over, and might run around or ignore your Zoom Seder! zoom.us/j/81217775653

Passover Escape Room & Puzzle Experience: Exodus from Reality (Kids 10-18 and their families)
Sunday, March 28, 1:00–2:00 pm, Free of charge

Your journey begins in Egypt thousands of years ago and your team must work together to solve all the puzzles, clues, games and hints to complete the Exodus before time runs out. Make your own team of 3-5 people or we can match you! *Teams with kids ages 10-13 need an adult nearby to lend a hand or be on the team. To register, send all names and ages of participants by March 24th to jkleinbaum@cbst.org.

The Aggadah of the Haggadah - Daily Passover Activities and Challenges (Ages 2-7)
Monday, March 29 - Friday, April 2
Every day starting on Monday, we'll help kids and their grownups bring the Passover story to life at home. CBST's Aggadah Actors will release daily video clips with activities and challenges designed for young children and their grownups (or just invite the whole family!). Work on one challenge each day: Baby in the Basket, Burning Bush, Down the Nile, Let My People Go!, and The Sea.

Watch the Full Story - Down The Nile: A Passover Aggadah Adventure (Ages 2-7)
Wednesday, March 31

A basket carrying a baby floats down the Nile River…where is it going, and who will the baby become? Travel down the Nile, across Egypt, and through the Red Sea with us as CBST's Aggadah Actors will bring the theater experience to your home with interactive content and more challenges. Watch on Wed>>

Purim Party for Families with Kids!

Featuring the premiere of Zoom Shushan: A Virtual Purim Shpiel
CBST Exclusive Purim Theater Production!
Thursday, Feb. 25 at 5:30-6:00 pm
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81425409731

  • Watch the premiere of this socially distant retelling of the Purim story, which is brought to you by the CBST creative team of CBST’s Aggadah Adventures. Starring CBST babies, kids, teens, and their families!
  • Celebrate Esther's coming out as a Jew to the Persian King and saving our people with live Purim music.
  • In a spotlight, each child can show-off their costume and/or virtual filters and background.
  • Then stay for the next 30 minutes of the main service and costume party or stay for the whole megillah!

Hamantashen & Havdalah

Saturday, February 27, 5:00 pm
Berkshires Hills Culinary Camp will walk us through and provide tips and tricks for hamantashen baking. When shabbat ends, Shushan Purim begins! Join Principal Jennifer Kleinbaum, Songleader Rachel Chang, and Culinary Instructor Ben from the Berkshire Hills Culinary Camp. For families with children; instruction for children with supervision, teens, and children at heart!
- 5:00 Hamantashen making
- 6:00 Havdalah blessings (while they bake!)
- 6:15 Eat together
Easy sign-up for the recipe & Zoom link.

Early Childhood Programs

Our range of programs especially designed for our youngest Jews and their families. Dance, sing, and explore while building a connection to Judaism and each other.
Alef-Bet Shabbat - interactive services for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with Tkiya Music
Aggadah Adventures - unique and original theater experiences with new online activities (ages 0-2 & 2-7 with babies, toddlers, siblings welcome)

Limmud b'Shabbat Programs

CBST is committed to providing a dynamic, inclusive and multifaceted Jewish education program for our families with children. Through learning and doing, our program builds and strengthens a contemporary, learned, relevant, ethical and deeply rooted sense of both Jewish and LGBTQ values and identity. This year, online sessions will connect families with children to each other, their classmates, and their Jewish identity.

Limmud B'Shabbat -  Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
B'nai Mitzvah Program - Grades 6, 7 

Teen Track: Jewish Resistance - Grades 8-12

High Holy Days Services & Programs 2020 (2021 details coming soon)

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are open to all and always free of charge. Registration is required; this enables CBST to provide the most engaging, meaningful and age-appropriate experiences. 

Rosh Hashanah Day One, Saturday, Sept. 19
  9:00 am (ages 0-5)  Infants, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers with Tkiya Music
10:00 am (ages 6-12) Children's Service and Art Program
12:00 pm Teen Track: Jewish Resistance

 Rosh Hashanah Day Two, Sunday, Sept. 20
  9:00 am (ages 0-2)  Baby Aggadah Adventure: Let There Be Me!
10:00 am (ages 3-12) Children's Service and Tashlich

Yom Kippur, Monday, Sept. 28
  9:00 am (ages 0-7)  Children's Service with Tkiya Music and Aggadah Adventure: Inside the Whale
10:00 am (ages 8-12) Children's Service and Shofar Program
12:00 pm Teen Track: Jewish Resistance