Fair Share Guide

All are welcome! 

"It is comforting to feel welcome somewhere, but it is profound to be welcoming to others."   HEAR David Shmidt Chapman speak about the value and merits of being a CBST Member.  

Become a Member or Renew your Membership:
Continuing Membership (monthly program)
or 2018 MEMBERSHIP in FULL January thru December 2018

Our Fair Share Membership relies on the honest self-assessment of each member and the generosity of those who are able to give at higher levels. 

Fair Share Membership: To meet our $2.9 million Annual Operating Budget, each of our ‎650 member households would have to pay over $4400 per year. We know this is feasible for some, but not for all our members.  

Enhanced Membership: Those who select an Enhanced Membership level, help ensure that CBST membership is accessible to ALL. 

Clergy, Students and Out-of-Towners may elect to contribute at reduced levels. 

CBST's Continuing Membership Program establishes automatic monthly electronic-fund transfer via credit card. You determine the amount. Your membership contributions continue automatically, though you can make a change at any time.  Of course if you prefer, you may make a single contribution for membership through December 31st, the end of our fiscal year, and renew again on January 1st.




Gross Annual
 Household Income

 ANNUAL Membership
Jan 1 thru Dec 31

Continuing Membership

 under $36,000

 up to $432

 $18 to $36

 $36,000 to $72,000

 $432 to $1200

 $36 to $100

 $72,000 to $150,000

 $1200 to $3000

 $100 to $250

 $150,000 to $250,000

 $3,000 to $6,000

 $250 to $500







 Builder (Boneh)



 Pillar (Migdal)



 Foundation (Yesod)




  Out of Town
 beyond Tri-state area



 Clergy or Student

 $180 to $360

$15 to $30