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This week's Shabbat service details

PROGRAM & CLASS RECORDINGS! ...More recordings will be available soon. We update this page as regularly as we can.

If you are enrolled in a Lehrhaus Hebrew Class, please contact jkatz@cbst.org for those class recordings.

  • Lunch & Learn: Reckoning with the Past - Watch here
  • The Language of Oppression: A Teaching on Language, Women, and the Environment - Watch here
  • Lunch & Learn: Using Stories to Build Connections – and Community - Watch here
  • Chaver Up Book Launch - 4/29/21 - Watch here 
  • Lunch & Learn: Every Last Breath - 4/28/21 - Watch here
  • Two Dads Talking About Talking About Gender - 3/8/2021 - Watch here
  • Poetry at CBST: Joy Ladin in Conversation with Ariel Zitny - 2/1/2021 - Watch here
  • CBST Gathering in Response to the U.S. Capitol Building Riots - Watch here
  • Lunch & Learn: Religious Freedom & Pluralism in Israel - Watch here
  • Gratitude & Stretching Meditation - Watch here
  • Tov L'Hodot and Thanksgiving: A Gratitude Workshop - Watch here
  • Practicing Allyship on Trans Day of Remembrance - Watch here
  • The Role of Prosecutors in Ending Mass Incarceration - Watch here 
  • Mussar Meditations Series with Rabbi Moskowitz - Rabbi Moskowitz will stream each teaching live from the CBST Facebook Page. Recording of each teaching will be immediately available in the CBST Facebook Videos section archive.
  • Rambam (Maimonides)'s Hilchot Teshuva - The Laws of Repentance with Rabbi Moskowitz - Rabbi Moskowitz streamed each teaching live from the CBST Facebook Page. Recording of each teaching is available in the CBST Facebook Videos section archive.
  • Homeless in NYC Oneg Conversation - Watch here
  • Meet the Machzor: CBST's High Holy Day Prayer Book - 8/31, 9/7, 9/14
  • "Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary" - Watch the video here and view the associated resources below:
  • Round Challah & Chopped Liver Class - Watch the video recording here and view the recipe here.
  • Yom Iyyun: Day of Learning for All Ages: “Aging Begins at Birth!” - Program Here & Recordings Here 
  • Challenges and Coping Strategies of the COVID-19 Pandemic - 7/147/21
  • "Unorthodox" Conversation - with Abby Stein, Chani Getter, Rabbi Moskowitz, and Rabbi Kleinbaum - Click here for the recording and view further reading and resources here.
  • Psalms Study with Rabbi Kleinbaum, Rabbi Rapport & Harold Levine - Psalm Study YouTube Playlist - Click Here - This playlist goes back to July 2020. For older classes see below:
  • 6/306/296/25, 6/24, 6/23, 6/22, 6/186/17, 6/166/156/11, 6/10, 6/9, 6/8, 6/46/3, 6/2, 6/1
  • 5/285/275/265/215/205/195/185/145/135/125/115/75/65/5
  • 4/304/294/284/274/234/224/214/204/144/134/84/74/64/24/1
  • 3/313/303/263/253/243/233/193/183/17
  • Pirkei Avot Class with Rabbi Moskowitz - 12/2312/22, 12/2112/1612/1512/1412/10, 12/912/8, 12/712/312/211/2411/2311/1911/1811/1711/1611/1111/1011/9, 11/5, 11/4, 11/311/2 
  • CBST Member Only Town Halls: Available via Zoom for CBST members only. Any questions? Email membership@cbst.org, or you may Renew/Join CBST online.
    • Town Hall 1 with Judith Turkel, Esq., and Dr. Nathan Goldstein discussing legal and medical issues.
    • Town Hall 2 with Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Executive Director Yolanda Potasinski, and President Gregg H. Passin, discussing CBST during the pandemic.
    • Town Hall 3 on "Social Justice in the Age of Covid-19: What Are CBST Social Justice Teams Doing, and How Can You Be Involved?"
    • Town Hall 4 with New York City Speaker Corey Johnson on "The State of the City in the Time of Covid-19."
    • Town Hall 5 "Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19" with Judy Ribnick and Dr. Diane Burhenne.
    • Town Hall 6 "Updates on How CBST is Doing During This Crisis"
    • Town Hall 7 “Reopening Schools Safely and Responsibly” with Randi Weingarten
    • Town Hall 8 "Medical updates in this chapter of COVID-19." Rabbi Kleinbaum moderates a conversation with Dr. Nathan Goldstein and Dr. Jacqueline Weingarten-Arams.
    • Town Hall 9 "How CBST Will Observe the Yamim Noraim/High Holy Days This Year."
    • Town Hall 10 "CBST Votes!" Featuring Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum; American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten; Director of Social Justice Programming Rabbi Marisa Elana James; and CBST Votes initiative leaders Sabrina Farber and Harold Levine.
    • Town Halll 11 "Medical updates in this chapter of COVID-19." Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum in conversation with Dr. Nathan Goldstein.
    • Town Hall 12 "Let's Get it Done - Seven Important Documents to Complete and Decisions to Make for Your Peace of Mind!" Associate Rabbi Yael Rapport in conversation with Judy Ribnick, CBST's consulting Director of Aging Initiatives, Kenneth Karpel, CBST Board Member and Cooperberg-Rittmaster Rabbinical Fellow Deborah Megdal.
    • Town Hall 13 Post January 20, what's next for New York, the country, and our world. How do we bring our Jewish LGBTQ values to this moment? Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum moderates a panel with CBST members New York State Senator Brad Hoylman, AFT President Randi Weingarten, and human rights scholar and activist Tanya Domi.
    • Town Hall 14 (recording pending) "The COVID-19 Vaccine" Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum moderates a panel with CBST Board of Directors Executive Officer Dr. Regina Linder and former CBST President Dr. Nathan Goldstein. 
    • Town Hall 15 (recording pending) Trans Jews are Here Convening
    • Town Hall 16 Safe Return to 30th Street and Imagining our Post-Covid Future
    • Town Hall 17 (recording pending) Social Justice at CBST
    • Town Hall 18 Rabbi Kleinbaum's Trip to Israel
    • Town Hall 19 The High Holy Days at CBST

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