Children, Teens & Their Grownups

Welcome to CBST's Children, Teen and Their Grownups program! CBST is a place where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight Jews ‎participate in a rich Jewish and spiritual life as we affirm our identities. As the number of members who welcome children into their homes continues to grow, CBST has increased the range of ‎educational and spiritual programs on behalf of these young congregants.‎

Programs for ‎families with children reflects our community and enables our children to understand the diversity of the ‎Jewish world and find their home in it. Rabbi Yael Rapport, CBST’s Assistant Rabbi, works directly with ‎our families to provide spiritual, ritual, educational and social programming.‎

All of CBST’s children’s programs are interactive and intergenerational. Children of all ages and families of ‎all shapes and sizes are encouraged to participate.‎

For more information, check out our Limmud Programming, please contact our office at 212-929-‎‎9498 x876 or children@cbst.org.‎

We look forward to learning with you!‎