Chesed Committee

CBST members know what it means to take care of one another. The AIDS bedside vigils and funerals of the 1980's and 1990's taught us the power of standing by one another when we were at our most vulnerable.  We know that community builds happiness and power for survival. The CBST Chesed Committee is here for you and provides various levels of support, including:

  • Meals and grocery shopping
  • Visits to hospitals, rehab facilities, and extended care facilities
  • Accompaniment to doctor’s appointments
  • Friendly check-in phone calls
  • Light household errands
  • Caregiver support and respite

If you, or a member you know is in need of loving support from CBST, please email chesed@cbst.org.
To become a member of the Chesed committee, please email chesed@cbst.org 
To contribute: Caring Community (Chesed)

Please note that access to regular Chesed services is reserved for CBST members.