Chazak: the Red Ribbon Team at CBST

Vision:  We envision a congregation that is comfortable with the reality of HIV/AIDS within our community and embraces all members without stigma or prejudice. 

Mission:  Work to eliminate stigma and prejudice against those living with HIV/AIDS and to increase the awareness and acceptance around it. Create an environment in which congregants are comfortable being out about their HIV status if they choose to be. Support the needs of all congregants, HIV positive and HIV negative, including those related to treatment, prevention, wellness, and psychosocial support. Support treatment, prevention and testing efforts on a practical and policy level within the scope of our role as an LGBTQ and Jewish community-based organization.

Chazak: the Red Ribbon Team joined Rita's Team at the NYC AIDS Walk on Sunday May 20, 2018. We prayed with our feet!

You can still support Chazak and Rita's Team online - in the end, we are all on the same team. 

  • The Red Ribbon Initiative joined Rita's Team at AIDS Walk NYC (2015) as Mamacita Rita Fischer became first ever $1 million individual fundraiser of the AIDS Walk in NYC.
  • Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum was interviewed in the April 2015 Newsletter of the NYC AIDS Memorial. Read the complete interview.
  • Rabbi David Dunn Bauer's drash for World AIDS Day Shabbat 2014, Parshat Vayyishlach (Genesis 32:4-36:41) December 7, 2014Read the full drash.

    Changing Lives, Making History - read the chapter on HIV/AIDS in the CBST Community.